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Value Proposition

Plan Design Analysis Expertise and Experience

  • Strategic Service Strategy including Design Analysis, Implementation and Review
  • Prioritize Cost, Service Options and Product Features
  • Customized Education and Training Programs
  • Value Added Services for Participants
  • One-on-One Investment Reviews
  • Network of Professional Advisors and Service Providers
  • Quality Service for Sponsor and Participants
  • Quarterly Proactive In-Depth Plan Reviews
  • Maintain Market Competitiveness For Your Retirement Plan

Design Analysis

Help Design a Retirement Strategy for Wealth Accumulation, Retirement Benefits and Tax Benefits

  • Assessment and Understanding of Company Needs, Demographics and Plan Flexibility
  • Review Current Plan Features and Effectiveness
  • Objective Provider Assessment, Selection and Implementation
  • Support Fiduciary and Compliance Responsibilities
  • Plan Performance and Sponsor Support


Evaluate Performance, Cost and Risk of Portfolio

  • Investment Policy Statements Provide Guidelines for Investment Management Decisions
  • Investment Review and Benchmarking to Peer Groups - Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
  • Annual Plan Reviews Include Evaluation of Investment Options, Adherence to Investment Policy Statements
  • Annual Investment Committee Meetings
  • Review Vendor Pricing Every Year for Market Competitiveness with a Benching Study
  • Target Date Fund Analysis

Client Relations/Communication Strategy

Provide Support between Plan Sponsors and Providers and Provide Education to Plan Participants

  • Proactive Communications with Plan Sponsor
  • Monitor Industry Trends and Communicate to Plan Sponsor
  • Plan Sponsor Service Support/Resolve Service Issues with Plan Provider
  • Create Employee Training Education Calendar
  • Employee Communications - in coordination with Plan Sponsor, Plan Provider, E-Newsletters
  • Conduct Group Enrollment Meetings to Improve Participation and Savings Rate
  • Provide Targeted Group Education Meetings Customized to Unique Company Demographics
  • Participant One-on-One Investment Consultations to Review Overall Financial Needs
  • Personalized Asset Allocation Assistance to Plan Participants
  • Provide Ongoing Retirement/Financial Educational Training to Participants
  • Personal IRA Rollover and Distribution Assistance

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