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Corporate Retirement Services

Why Waypoint Partners?

Why Waypoint Partners?

Waypoint Partners Provides Customized Solutions To Your Company's Retirement Planning Needs:

We objectively analyze our clients' retirement program, assessing the objectives and success of the plan in getting participants retirement ready.

We review plan design and platform economics combined with educated goals towards achieving results for our clients.

We provide high level support and accessibility for our participant base, and can provide fiduciary services to our clients which is what separates us from the run-of-the-mill plan advisor.

We work with 401(k), 403(b), 457 Defined Benefit Plans, Profit Sharing & Comparability Plans as well as Deferred Compensation.

Value Proposition

Plan Design Analysis Expertise and Experience

  • Strategic Service Strategy including Design Analysis, Implementation and Review
  • Prioritize Cost, Service Options and Product Features
  • Customized Education and Training Programs
  • Value Added Services for Participants
  • One-on-One Investment Reviews
  • Network of Professional Advisors and Service Providers
  • Quality Service for Sponsor and Participants
  • Quarterly Proactive In-Depth Plan Reviews
  • Maintain Market Competitiveness For Your Retirement Plan


Evaluate Performance, Cost and Risk of Portfolio

  • Investment Policy Statements Provide Guidelines for Investment Management Decisions
  • Investment Review and Benchmarking to Peer Groups - Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
  • Annual Plan Reviews Include Evaluation of Investment Options, Adherence to Investment Policy Statements
  • Annual Investment Committee Meetings
  • Review Vendor Pricing Every Year for Market Competitiveness with a Benching Study
  • Target Date Fund Analysis

Design Analysis

Help Design a Retirement Strategy for Wealth Accumulation, Retirement Benefits and Tax Benefits

  • Assessment and Understanding of Company Needs, Demographics and Plan Flexibility
  • Review Current Plan Features and Effectiveness
  • Objective Provider Assessment, Selection and Implementation
  • Support Fiduciary and Compliance Responsibilities
  • Plan Performance and Sponsor Support

Client Relations/Communication Strategy

Provide Support between Plan Sponsors and Providers and Provide Education to Plan Participants

  • Proactive Communications with Plan Sponsor
  • Monitor Industry Trends and Communicate to Plan Sponsor
  • Plan Sponsor Service Support/Resolve Service Issues with Plan Provider
  • Create Employee Training Education Calendar
  • Employee Communications - in coordination with Plan Sponsor, Plan Provider, E-Newsletters
  • Conduct Group Enrollment Meetings to Improve Participation and Savings Rate
  • Provide Targeted Group Education Meetings Customized to Unique Company Demographics
  • Participant One-on-One Investment Consultations to Review Overall Financial Needs
  • Personalized Asset Allocation Assistance to Plan Participants
  • Provide Ongoing Retirement/Financial Educational Training to Participants
  • Personal IRA Rollover and Distribution Assistance

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